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Update 10/7/09: The Green Business Bible eBook has been withdrawn from sale as it has been published by Earthscan as "The Three Secrets of Green Business" - available in Dec 2009.

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"The Green Business Bible is a must read for enterprise managers that want to move towards sustainability, but believe they can't or don't know how. With all the down-to-earth guidance available in the book, that excuse can no longer stand in the way of action." Dr John Ehrenfeld, Chief Executive, Industrial Society for Industrial Ecology

"The Green Business Bible provides business, whether large or small, with all the information necessary to be at the forefront of sustainability. This publication is more than a handbook, it will lead to a change in philosophy for any company that takes the time to read it and implement its ideas." Prof Graham Street, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Technology

"Brilliant! The most comprehensive and practical business guide I have ever read about environmental issues." Jo Bennison, Director, Daxi Environmental

Business is coming under increasing pressure from Government, customers and campaigning groups to improve its environmental performance. Soaring oil, utility and compliance costs are hitting companies where it hurts - on their bottom line. But there is another way of looking at the green agenda - as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Written by renowned green business expert Gareth Kane, this e-book contains everything you need to know about making your business green and increasing profits:

  • The Three Secrets of Green Business Success.

  • Preparing To Go Green - change management, indicators , communication and marketing.

  • Small Steps - the easy actions that will cut waste of materials, water and energy and save you money.

  • Huge Leaps - the really big changes that will make your business truly green by changing your processes, products and business models.

  • Hundreds of handy hints and tips.

  • Includes brainstorming checklists and brainstorming tool.

The Green Business Bible is suitable for company directors, managers, consultants and students who want a comprehensive but practical guide to greening business.

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More Readers' Comments:

"Forthright and practical, Gareth Kane provides the nuggets of really helpful advice which managers and small business owners need to prioritise which environmental improvements to make and how to make them. This sleeves-rolled-up approach is combined with big picture thinking about what sustainable development really means, and why it's important." Penny Walker, Environmental Consultant and Author

"You have very nicely encapsulated every main feature of the whole environmental tale and I like your honest and light-hearted writing style! There is something there for everyone — the person looking for simple practical help right through to the deep thinker." Doug Harris, Stride Environmental

"The Green Business Bible is an essential reference source for anyone who is interested in the environment and developing sustainable solutions. As a professional and as an individual interested in environmental issues the content is high learning delivered in a easy style and format. If you’re interested in the environment for business, interest or politics you need the publication to strengthen your knowledge and credibility." Graham Mills, GPM Network

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